Critical Pedagogies in the Arts Therapies

Necessary Dialogues. Resistance. Hopeful Action

Critical pedagogy is an approach to best crypto trading platform philippines teaching and learning that asserts that the central purpose of education is to address inequality and oppression by identifying and working to transform relationships of power. The arts therapies, with their potential to elicit, contain, and direct emotion and insight, offer pathways to addressing systemic and internalized oppression. 


How do we contribute to equity and social justice through how we teach, supervise crypto broker philippines, mentor, write, and research in and through the arts therapies across educational contexts? When do we risk reinforcing oppression and, conversely,  how can our work increase access and inclusion? Whose voices are missing or ignored from how we understand health, illness, and care? How do we move from power over to power with and power within?


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Perspectives, poetry, and artwork on critical pedagogy from creative arts therapy educators and students.


Critical Ideas inform Critical Practice

These resources and videos have been curated to inform our thinking and practice as creative arts therapy educators. Have something to add? Send us a link. 




Book Review: Art Therapy for Social Justice: Radical Intersections edited by Savneet K. Talwar (2019)

March 26, 2019

Missing the point

February 3, 2019

We will not be erased

February 3, 2019

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